Extending from my previous unit of highlighting the ‘making behind cooking’ inspired by my culture- east meets west. Allowing people to view the behind the scenes of the making through my practice to produce unique objects to celebrate food.
For this unit I would like to propose the idea of making large, shallow bowls, bowls to keep the original form the dish is cooked into in. Preferably by throwing process but for large forms I may consider using press moulding technique. Further, highly decorating the surface of these vessels with glazes that reflect the dish, Focusing on Goa, India’s favourite dish called ‘Thali’ (name comes from the metal plate its served onto) is a favourite. The dish includes multiple dishes served into small bowls, which are all placed into one large metal plate. The reason for this dish being a favourite is because ‘Thali’ holds not only one type of dish but many, allowing the consumer to taste range of flavours, leaving customers filled and satisfied.
 Similar to the last project, I plan on using the colours, textures and patterns within the dish and transferring these across on the ceramic surface. I am keen on further developing glazes to produces surface that encapsulates fusion and blend. Creating pieces that are a reminder of the food. (It’s making process). 
*The plan to have these pieces as statement pieces these will be functional pieces displayed into a unique manner that invites and draws people in. 

Traditional meal served in Goa, India. 

Celeberation of Spices 
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