Indulging into cultural and delightful Indian cuisine with the serving bowls are designed to highlight and reflect the cuisine.   
Observing the interactions one has with the object + recording the experience: 
Does the handles meet the users interactiveness requirement?
Does the form fit the style of dining?
feed forward?

The bowl feel sturdy and comfortable to hold into palm. Handles are a good addition to help lift the bowls of the table, accompanied by the flared out rim, gives a inviting feel.
Glazes truly are the reflection of the spices/ the texture that compliments the food very well. 
Smalls are good for eating out of, but if your dipping naan into curry is becomes a difficulty to do so, especially with narrow base. - consider wider shallower forms only for eating out of. The tall forms are a good considered fit for holding liquid based food and narrow bases help retain the heat, maintaining warm temperature meal for a period of time. 
To enhance and completely be a ceramic set, would be useful to have platters that were flat for food like naan, dips or papadoms.  

I would fully agree with the above feedback from my peers, the dining experience was delightful, the experience of handling the objects in the real world context have opened up new line of enquires that allow me to explore further, develop forms that aim the user to have a comfortable experience. The surfaces as always were to the standard, the possibilities of colour and texture choices are endless and with different food types within Indian cuisine, there hope for new changes. 
The drippy effect is something i wish to investigate further, looking particularly into glazes that are designed to give that effect such as - chun glazes (gloppy effect), with find the correct drippy glaze, this opens the doors to investigate and make sure the surface produced is food safe and the material exploration of the the glaze and clay body being in unison is all part of the research      
To be able to see the food in the bowls I have worked on are truly a heart-melting and motivation experience. The direct visual of the food that inspired the making, developing and refining process does fit with the idea i started off with. I feel this was a successful and positive learning experience. As a maker i feel I have achieved what i set off to investigate, overcame the challenges and am on a road to experience intriguing and fascinating challenges.           ​​​​​​​
Residues/ staining of the bowl
- inspiration for the future, development of glazes flow, colours, overlapping of colours and textures.  
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