This Project of Spice and celebrating it, being able to share and encouraging diversity through a unique dining experience, embracing cultural rituals.
Through this project I have stressed the importance of surface decoration, how it can be aided to communicate a message across or being able to invoke feelings.
The effects produced by the glazes did highlight the Celebration of Chai, showcasing its brewing stages capturing flow and movement, along with demonstration of good fit on the thrown form. Besides, getting to the glaze discovery was a journey, mixing up glazes that were recommended by other ceramists (glaze lab shows the tested recipes) then linking it back to the Chai process (video) being able to find just that right colour that fits. This has also led me into a passion I wish to seek further.
This unit has also heightened my technical making skills, being challenged by large objects, through the process of throwing which at first was a struggle but gradually building up the amounts of clay and practice on the wheel, it’s a skill this project has helped me master.
The journey from staring off with small scale cups to large bowls have been an experimental and exploring through process, working from the thrown forms and seeing how that relates to the glaze and the behaviour of it on the surfaces I was making. I would say my work so far is an embodiment of ‘thinking through making’.  Even, the choice of glazes was connected to the thrown forms.
Overall, I found this this project really enjoyable, rewarding and has been a start to beautiful journey that will lead beyond my educational period. 
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