Zero 3: aka fritware
frit inclusion: Ball Clay and Soft Alkaline Frit. 
(frit mix 50:50) add to x10 clay body- 5%. 
typically, 5% for red (iron) based clay, 20% for white (porcelain or equivalent body) clay. 
the idea behind this clay body is create a stoneware verified body at a much lower/ single firing temperature. 
Firing schedule:
Approach top temp SLOWLY-hold
Drop quickly till 100-200F-  hold. natural cooling.  
Attempt one: 
Added the Frit mix 5% to a 1kg of ivorystoneware clay (from bag). Plus wedged the two parts together. 
Notes: It didn't feel like the frits were blended within the clay- visible marbled effect surface suggesting uneven wedging of the mixture in the clay. 

Egyption paste: The first recipe is as follows: outcome: light blue. Fired at 980c. 
39 gm Nepheline seynite
6 gm Soda ash (natrium carbonate)
6gm Soda bicarbonate
6 gm Ball clay
37 gm Flint
2 gm Bentonite
1g copper oxide 
Recipe= from Linda Bloomfield's book. 
I have altered the recipe with 1% of copper oxide rather then suggested one of recipe. 
Second recipe: 4th (one on first page) light/ mottled surface. 
Flint 25
Quartz 25
Bentonite 33
Sodium carbonate (soda ash) 17
+ copper carb 2%

Metal wire=

The sodium/ salt migrates onto the exterior surface as it dries forming the crystals as it slowly and natural dries out. Important, the surface not exposed doesn't have a glazed surface Therfore, drying on wire rack is crucial. 

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