Sarah Nunes is a ceramicist, material explorer and surface developer, her journey explores throwing handmade objects, it’s a process she has accomplished through her series of making because the feel of the raw, soft clay allows her the freedom to control it and mould into endless possibilities. Following the rhythm of the spinning wheel and accordingly shaping the lump of clay into tangible things is an exciting journey she seeks to develop further. In addition, her specialism lies within decorating the surface with exciting glazes, throughout the years of testing multiples recipes she has opted to use these, some single coat others multiple layers overlapped to created surfaces that resemblance, food and its making process. This has a strong connection to her heritage, upbringing and lifestyle having lived in two different countries.  
The objects she creates are a celebratory representing of Indian cuisine, highlighting the making or cooking. India’s most common dish is ‘Thali’ is a platter served in India where an individual is given a variety of curries along naan and rice. The beauty of this platter is that its pact with flavour, being introduced to not just a single dish but sample of many. What truly ‘thali’ offers are a taste of the exotic spice. Indian food is known to be spiced and flavourful the reason being the use of spices, they are what makes every dish exquisite. Carrying this main point, into my project. 
Through her journey so far, has been a captivating and she wishes to continue exploring this path, with having understood the materials and have sufficient knowledge to now experiment with firing temperatures, to be able capture food making (chemical reaction) in order to make series hold extraordinary surfaces such as gloppy glazes and finding a balance with it be aesthetically pleasing yet be food safe.     
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